Wristband tubes

Clearance one-off wristband tubes


Wristband Tube DCB175

flower wristband Wristband Tube DCB175Wristband Tube DCB175

Bright hibiscus flower wristband on girl charm cord. Wholesale price 45p each on a tube of 45 pieces. NOW REDUCED TO 39p EACH=£17.55 A TUBE


wristbands6-8 wristbandswristbands

tube 6 pink printed 50 x 45p. tube 7 blue green 50 x 30p.

wristbands 1_4

yellow and orange wristbands 1_4wristbands 1_4

Yellow and orange wristband tubes one-offs tube 1 50pcs x 30p, tube 2 40pcs x 40p, tube 3 40pcs x 30p, tube 4 50pcs x40p