Sarongs & Beachwear

Direct Import Fairtrade Sarongs And Beach Skirts (Anything With A D Code) Also Fashion Cover ups


Chiffon Triangle D1124

Coloured Embroidered Chiffon Triangle Chiffon Triangle D1124Chiffon Triangle D1124

Coloured chiffon embroidered beach triangle in pink, lilac,turquoise, green and orange wholesale price £2.25 each in packs of 6 Approx measurements are-135cm x 45cm(at longest length)plus tassels

Childs Beach Skirt D616

Childs Beaded Beach Skirt Childs Beach Skirt D616Childs Beach Skirt D616

Beaded Coloured Printed Childs Beach Skirt In Pink,Blue And Purple Wholesale Price £1.25 Each In Packs Of 6

Childs Sarong Set D483

Childs sarong set Childs Sarong Set D483Childs Sarong Set D483

Coloured Childs Sarong Set In Bag-In Pink,Turquoise,purple and blue Wholesale Price £2.25 A Set In Packs Of 6

Childs Sequin Dress D998

Childs Sequin Beach Dress Childs Sequin Dress D998Childs Sequin Dress D998

Childs Coloured And Beaded Sequin Beach Dress In Pink,Turquoise And Lilac And In 2 Sizes Small And Large Wholesale Price £2.50 Each In Packs Of 2

Sari Sarong D705

Bright Coloured Sari Sarong Sari Sarong D705Sari Sarong D705

Bright Coloured Patterned Sari Sarong In Pink, Purple, Lilac, And Turquoise (NO ORANGE LEFT) Wholesale Price £2.99 Each In Packs Of 3 Approx measurements are: 150cm x 120cm

Sarong D239

Basic beach sarong Sarong D239Sarong D239

Approx 156cm x 115cm Basic mono block beach sarong in pink, orange, black, blue, red, and purple NO OTHER COLOURS LEFT. wholesale price £3.50 each in packs of 6

Sarong Set D485

Ladies Sarong Set Sarong Set D485Sarong Set D485

Coloured Printed Ladies Sarong Set In Bag-In Pink,Purple,Yellow,Blue And Turquoise Wholesale Price £2.99 A Set In Packs Of 6

Sequin Skirt D957

Sequin Tassle Skirt Sequin Skirt D957Sequin Skirt D957

Plain Coloured Tie On Skirt With Sequin Tassels in Pink, Turquoise, Blue and White Wholesale Price £1.25 Each In Packs Of 6 Approx measurements are: 115cm+ ties x 42cm+sequin drops

Shell Sarong D956

Coloured Sarong With Sewn Shells Shell Sarong D956Shell Sarong D956

Approx Plain Coloured Sarong With Shells Sewn On In Yellow Only (NO OTHER COLOURS AVAILABLE SORRY). Wholesale Price £2.55 Each In Packs Of 6 Approx measurements:160cm x 115cm

Skirt D238

Mini sarong beach skirt Skirt D238Skirt D238

Mini Coloured Printed Sarong Beach Skirt In Purple, Yellow/Orange, Turquoise, Yellow/Brown, Yellow, Brown and Blue (NO BLACK,GREEN,PINK,NAVY OR RED LEFT) Wholesale Price £1 each in packs of 6 Or Wholesale Bulk Price 85p Each In Packs Of 72 ...