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Welcome to Western Counties Wholesale Fashion Jewellery TRADE ONLY WEBSITE (min purchase £50)

We are a well established Fashion Jewellery Wholesalers who have traded here in sunny Torbay for over 20 years
We have a friendly cash and carry warehouse where you can rummage and choose from over 3500 lines of jewellery and accessories: OPENING HOURS MON TO FRI 9.30 TO 5.30
Please browse the site we have many new arrivals.

Items are sent out in mixed colours but if you have a particular preference please give details in the comments box at the end of the order and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note this is not possible on the cheaper items

Orders over £100 (Before VAT) to UK mainland addresses are now carriage free


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Featured Products

Pentagram Dreamcatcher D1893

Pentagram dreamcatcher Pentagram Dreamcatcher D1893Pentagram Dreamcatcher D1893

Pentagram dreamcatchers in purple, blue, white pink and black Wholesale price £1.99 each in packs of 3

Jojo Style Bows ZC407

Rainbow and crystal jojo style bow Jojo Style Bows ZC407Jojo Style Bows ZC407

Rainbow Jojo style bow with crystal centre approx 15.5cm. Wholesale price £1.50 each in a pack of 4.

JoJo Style Bows ZC409pastel

JoJo Style Bows pastel JoJo Style Bows ZC409pastelJoJo Style Bows ZC409pastel

Crystal decorated pastel JoJo Style Bows in pastel colours. (white, pink, blue and lilac)approx 13.5cm. Wholesale price 99p sold in packs of 4-1 of each colour

Necklace F52649

Decorative chokers Necklace F52649Necklace F52649

Mixed decorative choke set. 5 pieces. Wholesale price £3.95 the set.

Necklace F52645

Lace choker set Necklace F52645Necklace F52645

Choker set with lace designs. 5 pieces. Wholesale price £2.95 a set.

Necklace F52650

Woven chokers Necklace F52650Necklace F52650

Set of woven chokers. 5 pieces. Wholesale price £3.50 the set.

Necklace D1895

Ban the bomb bandana Necklace D1895Necklace D1895

Brightly coloured ban the bomb thong necklaces. Wholesale price 55p each in packs of 6.

Necklace F52583

Long beaten heart necklace Necklace F52583Necklace F52583

Long beaten heart necklace. Wholesale price £3.95 in singles.

Necklace F52582

Beaten heart long necklace Necklace F52582Necklace F52582

Long necklace with beaten hearts in silver and rose gold. Wholesale price £3.95 each in singles. Also matching bracelet F32167 £2.95

Necklace F52572

Long heart necklace Necklace F52572Necklace F52572

Long grey silver cord with large heart pendant. Wholesale price £3.95 in singles.

scarf KMS1223

Sheep Scarf scarf KMS1223scarf KMS1223

Sheep print scarf in grey, blue and red. Wholesale price £3.15 each in singles.

Necklace F52577

Tree of life pendant Necklace F52577Necklace F52577

Tree of life pendant necklace. Wholesale price £1.70 each in packs of 2. Also available matching earrings F41862 £1.20 a pair.

Bracelet F32199

Grey bead tree of life Bracelet F32199Bracelet F32199

Grey bead bracelet with matt tree of life charm. Wholesale price £3.95 in singles.

Bracelet F32192

Silver tree of life bracelet Bracelet F32192Bracelet F32192

Silver ball bracelet with tree of life charm. Wholesale price £1.95 in a pack of 2.

Necklace set T0607C

Pink red leaf set Necklace set T0607CNecklace set T0607C

Pink and red leaf necklace and earring set. Wholesale price £7.99 in singles.

Statement necklace KN9370

Acrylic cream necklace Statement necklace KN9370Statement necklace KN9370

Leather and cream acrylic statement necklace. Wholesale price £13.50 in singles.