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Welcome to Western Counties Wholesale Fashion Jewellery TRADE ONLY WEBSITE (min purchase £50)

We are a well established Fashion Jewellery Wholesalers who have traded here in sunny Torbay for over 20 years
We have a friendly cash and carry warehouse where you can rummage and choose from over 3500 lines of jewellery and accessories: Please browse the site we have many new arrivals.

Items are sent out in mixed colours but if you have a particular preference please give details in the comments box at the end of the order and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note this is not possible on the cheaper items

Orders over £100 (Before VAT) to UK mainland addresses are now carriage free.

Featured Products

Dreamcatcher DC066

Rainbow dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher DC066Dreamcatcher DC066

Rainbow nylon 6inch (16cm) dreamcatcher with beads and silver thread. Wholesale price £2.20 each in pack of 3.

Rucksack F72650

Floral Rucksack Rucksack F72650Rucksack F72650

Navy floral soft rucksack. Wholesale price £12.25 in singles.

Flower necklace T13381

Flower necklace Flower necklace T13381Flower necklace T13381

Acrylic flower necklace in pink, purple and blue/green. wholesale price £3.50 in singles.

Necklace TAH17430

Orchid necklace Necklace TAH17430Necklace TAH17430

Hibiscus flower on snake chain, with extension chain. Wholesale price £5.50 in singles.

Satchel F72689

Parisian life style stachel Satchel F72689Satchel F72689

Parisian life style lady print satchel in soft wipe clean material. wholesale price £12.60 in singles.

Make-up bag F72688

Parisian Lifestyle Make-up bag F72688Make-up bag F72688

Parisian Lifestyle make up bag in 3 styles. wholesale price £3.30 each in pack of 2. Range also includes bags and purses.

Power bead bracelets N2216

Tassle bead bracelets Power bead bracelets N2216Power bead bracelets N2216

Tassle bead bracelet with ban the bomb symbol in six colours. wholesale price 97p each in pack of 6

Flower Bangle TAG13878S

Flower Bangle Flower Bangle TAG13878SFlower Bangle TAG13878S

Silver Flower Bangle with crystal centres. Wholesale price £6.99 in singles

dreamcatchers D1786

Foil dreamcatcher with mirrors dreamcatchers D1786dreamcatchers D1786

4" foil dreamcatcher with mirrors and silver thread in pink, purple, blue, turquoise and silver. Wholesale price £1.50 each in pack of 5.

Necklace KN7349

Black and white flower necklace Necklace KN7349Necklace KN7349

Black and white flower necklace. Wholesale price £5.30 in singles. Matching earrings KER3803. wholesale price £1.35.

statement necklace KN7451

Colour flower necklace statement necklace KN7451statement necklace KN7451

Colour enamel flowers on gold wire in reds,green and blue. Wholesale price £3.99 each in singles.

Bracelet KBL2924

Statement bracelet Bracelet KBL2924Bracelet KBL2924

Brushed metal disc bracelet in GOLD ONLY. Wholesale bracelet £3.75 in singles. SILVER OUT OF STOCK

Heart charm bracelet F31738

Chunky Heart Bracelet Heart charm bracelet F31738Heart charm bracelet F31738

Chunky Heart charm bracelet. wholesale price £4.80 in singles.

Bracelet TSJT229GS

Gold & Silver Ovals Bracelet Bracelet TSJT229GSBracelet TSJT229GS

Gold & Silver Ovals With Clear Crystals Elasticated Bracelet Wholesale Price £6.45 Each In Singles

Bracelet TAG15621

Silver & White Shapes Bracelet Bracelet TAG15621Bracelet TAG15621

Silver & White Shapes & Crystals Elasticated Bracelet Wholesale Price £8.99 Each In Singles

Statement necklace TAPN4064

Gold necklace Statement necklace TAPN4064Statement necklace TAPN4064

Gold statement necklace with opaque crystal settings. Wholesale price £7.50 each in singles

Dream catcher DC060

Rainbow dreamcatcher Dream catcher DC060Dream catcher DC060

Dreamcatcher rainbow nylon with beads. 9cm 4inch. wholesale price £1.65 each in pack of 3

Purse F72666

Horse purse Purse F72666Purse F72666

Plain purse with gold horse motif in cream, green and orange. Wholesale price £4.99 each in singles.

Purse F72660

Love to shop Purse F72660Purse F72660

Girls love to shop purse in black and white. Wholesale price £4.25 each in singles. Also matching large shopping bag

Dreamcatchers D1785

Suede 6inch heart dreamcatcher Dreamcatchers D1785Dreamcatchers D1785

Heart dreamcatcher in suede. Available in pink, purple, turquoise, and white. Wholesale price £2.10 in pack of 4.

Necklace and earring set KN7334

Necklace and earring set Necklace and earring set KN7334Necklace and earring set KN7334

Slinky chain necklace and earring set in silver, gold and black. Wholesale price £2.70 in singles.

Statement Bracelet WBR0045

Statement Silver Hearts Bracelet Statement Bracelet WBR0045Statement Bracelet WBR0045

Statement Silver Hearts Elasticated Bracelet Wholesale Price £3.99 Each In Singles

Hair Accessory F60579

Coloured Floral Patterned Hair Clamp Hair Accessory F60579Hair Accessory F60579

Coloured 9cm Floral Patterned Hair Clamp In Pink,Purple And Turquoise Wholesale Price £1.80 Each In Packs Of 3

Shopper F72692

Parisian dog shopper Shopper F72692Shopper F72692

Parisian life style dog shopper. Wholesale price £10.50 in singles.

Brooches N0934

Spider brooches Brooches N0934Brooches N0934

Spider brooches with colour crystal bodies in black,pink, purple and green. wholesale price £2.50 each in pack of 2.

Bangle TBA453G

Gold cutout bangle Bangle TBA453GBangle TBA453G

Gold cut out bangle. Wholesale price £5.75 each in singles.

Necklace KN7489

Teardrop crystal necklace Necklace KN7489Necklace KN7489

Teardrop crystal necklace in green, purple and blue on black chain. wholesale price £3.75 each in singles.

Necklace KN7366

Flower necklace Necklace KN7366Necklace KN7366

Silver metal flowers with crystal centres. Available in pink, blue purple. Wholesale price £4.50 each in singles.

Silver earrings YP17468

Infinity earrings Silver earrings YP17468Silver earrings YP17468

Infinity sterling silver fish hook earrings. Infinity symbol is 17mm in height. £2.50 per pair sold in single pairs.

Statement necklace T55424

Brushed oval necklace Statement necklace T55424Statement necklace T55424

Brushed oval necklace. Wholesale price £9.85 in singles

Flower set TAF27866

Flower set Flower set TAF27866Flower set TAF27866

Silver flower set. Wholesale price £10.99 in singles.

Bracelet WBR0008

Copper-gold-silver hearts Bracelet WBR0008Bracelet WBR0008

Bracelet made of copper,gold and silver colour hearts. wholesale price £3.99 each in singles