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Welcome to Western Counties Wholesale Fashion Jewellery TRADE ONLY WEBSITE (min purchase £50)

We are a well established Fashion Jewellery Wholesalers who have traded here in sunny Torbay for over 20 years
We have a friendly cash and carry warehouse where you can rummage and choose from over 3500 lines of jewellery and accessories: OPENING HOURS MON TO FRI 9.30 TO 5.30 Please browse the site we have many new arrivals.

Items are sent out in mixed colours but if you have a particular preference please give details in the comments box at the end of the order and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note this is not possible on the cheaper items

Orders over £100 (Before VAT) to UK mainland addresses are now carriage free.

Featured Products

Bird coin purse F72934

Scrapbooking coin purse Bird coin purse F72934Bird coin purse F72934

Coin purse in turquoise and pink stripe scrapbooking design. Wholesale price £1.80 in pack of 2.

Bracelet WBR0072

Celtic style bracelet Bracelet WBR0072Bracelet WBR0072

Silver celtic style elasticated bracelet. approx one inch wide. Wholesale price £3.99 in singles.

Rainbow Dreamcatcher DC066

Rainbow dreamcatcher Rainbow Dreamcatcher DC066Rainbow Dreamcatcher DC066

Rainbow nylon 6inch (16cm) dreamcatcher with beads and silver thread. Wholesale price £2.20 each in pack of 3.

Infinity Bracelets N2203

Infinity Bracelets Infinity Bracelets N2203Infinity Bracelets N2203

Infinity bracelets in gold on white or black suede. The design is the mathematical symbol for infinity. Wholesale price 45p in packs of 6.

Bamboo Birdhouse Windchimes D1837

Birdhouse burn windchime Bamboo Birdhouse Windchimes D1837Bamboo Birdhouse Windchimes D1837

Birdhouse 30cm burn design windchime. Wholesale price £3.50 each in pack of 2. BULKY ITEM MAY INCURR ADDITIONAL CARRIAGE CHARGES

Necklace F52251

Mini butterfly necklace Necklace F52251Necklace F52251

Mini butterfly necklace. Wholesale price £4.75 each in singles.

Statement necklace F52192

Daisy necklace Statement necklace F52192Statement necklace F52192

White and gold daisy necklace on gold chain. Wholesale price £5.95 each in singles.

Bulldog Purse F72923

Pink puppy purse Bulldog Purse F72923Bulldog Purse F72923

Pink puppy bulldog purse in 2 designs Wholesale price £3.80 each in pack of 2 (1 of each design)

Puppy/Kitten Purse F72928

Puppy kitten purse Puppy/Kitten Purse F72928Puppy/Kitten Purse F72928

Cream puppy and kitten purse in 2 designs Wholesale price £3.80 each in packs of 2 (1 of each design)

rings TDR4040

flower marcasite ring rings TDR4040rings TDR4040

Floral marcasite ring available in two sizes, small or medium. Wholesale price £2.45 each in pack of 2.

Bag F72848

turquoise rose shopper Bag F72848Bag F72848

Turquoise rose shopper. Wholesale price £10.50 each in singles.

Bag F72852

Black rose clutch bag Bag F72852Bag F72852

Black rose clutch bag with long gold chain strap. wholesale price £8.99 each in singles.

watches KMW0004

Diamond Watch watches KMW0004watches KMW0004

All crystal gold diamond watch on black velour strap, boxed. Wholesale price £13.50 each.

Statement necklace WN0122

Bright floral necklace Statement necklace WN0122Statement necklace WN0122

Bright enamel floral gold necklace. Wholesale price £3.99 in singles.

Necklace set TAF30403

Gold silver rectangles Necklace set TAF30403Necklace set TAF30403

Gold and silver textured rectangles set. Wholesale price £12.75 in singles.

Wristband Tube D1800

Hibiscus bracelet Wristband Tube D1800Wristband Tube D1800

Hibiscus flower colour beaded tie wristbands in pink, white, blue, green, orange and purple. Wholesale price 45p each on tubes of 50 pieces.

Bracelet TSJT229GS

Gold & Silver Ovals Bracelet Bracelet TSJT229GSBracelet TSJT229GS

Gold & Silver Ovals With Clear Crystals Elasticated Bracelet Wholesale Price £6.45 Each In Singles

Scarf KMS0866

Bright floral scarf Scarf KMS0866Scarf KMS0866

Bright floral organza print with plan underlayer scarf. Available in orange,green and turquoise. Approx size 180cm x 90cm. Wholesale price £3.15 each in singles.

scarf F91051

Floral cape scarf F91051scarf F91051

Summer floral poncho in three colourways. Size approx. 155cm x 95cm. Wholesale price £4.70 in singles.

Necklace F52195

Flower necklace Necklace F52195Necklace F52195

Acrylic daisy necklace on gold chain in pink/white and pink/purple. Wholesale price £5.95 each in singles.

Bangle T58261B

cut out bangle Bangle T58261BBangle T58261B

Bangle with cut out design. Wholesale price £7.90 each in singles.

Statement necklace F52134

Clear teardrops Statement necklace F52134Statement necklace F52134

Clear facet teardrop necklace. Wholesale price £7.20 in singles.

Necklace WN0116

Heart with crystal Necklace WN0116Necklace WN0116

Heart with crystal on dark brown cord necklace (extension chain. Wholesale price £2.75 each in singles.

Necklace WN0118

Turquoise necklace Necklace WN0118Necklace WN0118

Turquoise necklace on flat chain. Wholesale price £3.50 in singles. Matching bracelet WBR0073 (£3.99)

Owl necklace KN7751

Blue owl necklace Owl necklace KN7751Owl necklace KN7751

Owl 3cm height with crystals and blue body. Wholesale price £3.50 in singles.

Necklace F52198

Daisy necklace Necklace F52198Necklace F52198

Daisy with crystal centre necklace on gold chain in white and topaz. Wholesale price £7.80 each in singles.

Statement necklace F52202

Daisy necklace Statement necklace F52202Statement necklace F52202

Daisy necklace in two colourways, white/peach and white/yellow. Wholesale price £7.65 in singles.

Bracelet WBR0065

Colour Facet bracelet Bracelet WBR0065Bracelet WBR0065

Mixed colour facet elasticated bracelet. Match any outfit. wholesale price £4.99 in singles.

Necklace set WS0014

Heart set Necklace set WS0014Necklace set WS0014

Ornate long heart necklace and earring set. Wholesale price £5.50 a set.

Necklace WN0123

Rose necklace Necklace WN0123Necklace WN0123

Rose necklace with crystal highlights. Wholesale price £4.50 each.

Metallic Tattoos N0168

Metallic Tattoos. Metallic Tattoos N0168Metallic Tattoos N0168

Gold and silver temporary metallic flash tattoos. latest hot trend worn by celebrities such as Beyonce. Wholesale price £1.10 a card in pack of 12